1. Concerned about the hole or crack in your Woohoo Stick ? Our formula's contain powder ingredients, because of this and the rapid cooling process used to set the product there can be a crack or hole in the stick, this does not affect the efficiency of your Deo, the below tips will help you get the most out of your Woohoo Stick.

2 - If it is hard to push your stick out the first time, wrap your hands around the tube (or pop it under your armpit) to warm it slightly - and importantly don't push it out far! You'll use a lot less this way and avoid a mess trying to push it back into place ;-) 

3. Especially in winter, that the same body heat element may be useful to get the initial Woohoo glide happening on your skin, simply press the stick against your armpit for a moment or two before doing a very gentle swipe to apply.

4. Application is way better with only a couple of millimetres exposed and as a bonus, you are not tempted to apply it too heavily.